środa, 30 lipca 2014

Why Are Kids Happy?

Yes. This blog post is way different from what you (like three or four of you?) have accustomed to see here but I just have the need to share some of my life philosophies/thoughts, not just math/game/graphics-related stuff :).

So, the subject of this post goes "why are kids happy?". Today I loosely pondered a bit on that with my flatmates (who by the way are some of my favorites and closest friends :)). For whatever it may sound, it started with Moomins and Smurfs... Think of these books or TV series or whatever form they assumed. You might have forgotten them but you remember them. Those hippo-shaped humanoids and blue gnoms. What do you think of them? Do you think how high their creators must have been at the time they made their concepts arts? What stuff did these guys inhale to make a story of humanoidal hippos with occasional humans appearing in form of an always-wandering Snufkin or girl/lady(?) called Little My? Not to mention the blue Smurf creatures who were almost always males, with one Smurfette lady who probably had to satisfy all of the other male Smurfs sexual needs. Are any of these or something similar on your mind right now? If yes, that is not a big deal. That's just what adults do. They analyze a whole lot. And then more and more thinking of how the worlds created in Smurfs or Moomins could exist in "real-life". And that's the problem. Kids don't do that. They don't analyze. They don't wonder on whether a village full of male blue gnoms and a single lady makes sense and what they do when lights go off. They just experience this world as it is. Sure, it's easy to manipulate kids this way because they are so trustful, but try from time to time to observe a child or a kid in a casual situation and see what fun he or she has from experiencing it, indulging in the moment.

Kids just happen to live for the moment more often than adults, who spent more time on living somewhere else, whether it be the past or future. I want a new car, a new house, a good-looking partner, a thriving business... Don't you spend too much time on thinking (and worrying!) on all those things? What was the last time you walked barefoot on wet grass? Or just did something that did not quite fit to your daily routine? So next time you catch yourself on thinking what your life is going to be in a year from now, take a bike and go on a trip outside of city. There is so many beautiful green areas around! See them. Feel them. Experience them. Like this little kid who indeed does this, even though it might happen for him/her on a more subconscious than conscious level :).